What Brand of Laptop Is Best?

Five years ago, there was not much competition between computer manufacturers. If you were going to buy a laptop, it would have been an HP, Dell, Gateway or Apple. Now, there are tons of companies who make quality laptop computers. They all offer some quality products.


Apple computers have come a long way in the last couple of years. The biggest change that they made was the introduction of the MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops. Rather then using Apple’s traditional Power PC processors, these laptops use Intel processors. This has made them much more popular in the eyes of consumers. By using Intel processors, Apple laptops can run both OS X and Windows. Apple laptops have received great reviews from major tech reviewers such as CNet, as well as great reviews from everyday consumers. Based upon overall ratings from resale sites such as Best Buy, Amazon and MacMall, Apple laptops have received some of the highest approvals. These sites feature ratings from actual product buyers, who tell their own pros and cons about the laptops.

Dell Inspiron Computers

Dell released their first Inspiron computer way back in 1998. Since then, Dell Inspiron laptops have continued to receive overall good reviews. One strong benefit of Inspiron computers is the price. Dell has some of the best bang for your buck laptop computers on the market. Also, because Dell is such a big company, their warranties are often hard to beat. Dell Inspiron computers have received great reviews by major tech sites such as CNet, as well as many good consumer reviews. If you were to scan product ratings for Inspiron laptops at sites such as Best Buy and Dell.com, you will find that most of the Inspiron laptops configurations receive a rating of at least 4 stars out of 5. Reviews from actual buyers are very helpful when determining product quality.

HP Laptops

HP laptops are another brand that has been around for a long time. The design of HP laptops used to be somewhat ugly. However, they introduced their DV laptop line in 2006, which was much more visually appealing. Since then, HP has continued to make quality, good-looking laptops at very reasonable prices. HP has also developed Lightscribe disc labeling which is a feature only available in their laptops. HP laptops have received a lot of praise from reviewers such as PC World and CNet. Also, many consumers who purchase HP laptops seem to be happy with their purchases as stated on sites such as BestBuy.com.

Asus EEE Laptops

Asus is a newer brand that has gained great credibility at a quick rate. Asus’s EEE laptop line is what brought the company to popularity in laptop computers. For a while, the Asus EEE laptops were the cheapest mainstream laptops on the market. They were also receiving great reviews, which is what brought much consumer attention to Asus. Since, then Asus has continued to manufacture the cheaper, more affordable EEE PCs along with higher end laptops with better specs. Reviews for Asus laptops on sites such as CNet and PC World have been good overall. Tech reviewers often praise Asus for delivering a quality laptop at a great price. Reviews from consumers have also been generally good.

Acer Laptops

Acer laptops have gained much attention lately due to the good reviews on their netbooks. Acer was one of the first companies to mass produce netbooks. Acer does not have as many laptops computers to choose from in their product line. However, the ones that they do have seem to be quality products. There are not a lot of editors picks for Acer laptops on sites such as CNet. However, many buyers seem very happy with their purchases. You can check out more reviews on sites such as Best Buy and PC World.

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